Current Trainings from the Montana CSPD (Comprehensive System for Personnel Development)

Since all trainings are currently virtual, it is easy to take a training from ANY of the CSPD regions.  You can view and register for events from each region:    Region 1 Events  Region 2 Events  Region 3 Events Region 4 Events Region 5 Events   You can also sign up for each Region's newsletter to be informed of upcoming events as soon as they become available:    Region 1 CSDP Coordinator email Region 2  CSPD Coordinator email Region 3 Newsletter sign-up link  Region 4 Newsletter sign-up link Region 5 CSPD Coordinator email The Office of Public Instruction also has mailing lists to stay informed of training opportunities. You can sign up here .  We hope to see you at a training soon!

Social Emotional Learning and Trauma-Informed Practices

Register Here. Presenter: Stacy York Gr K-12  Nov 9, Nov 16, Nov 30, Dec 14, 2021 (each session is a prerequisite to the next  8 OPI renewal units ) Social Emotional Learning and Trauma-Informed Practices have been important and critical topics in education, especially during this last season of teaching. We know that Educators need practical understanding and skills that they can use immediately in their classrooms.  This series will be more targeted and go deeper into the skills needed for social emotional development, based in brain science and neurodevelopment. Educators will participate in 4 two-hour sessions and have two specific lessons in each session, for a total of 8 lessons. Each lesson will be adapted to K-4 and 5-12 levels. The lessons are as follows: November 9, 2021 -  4pm to 6 pm Lesson 1: Blueprints: How Does My Past Impact My Teaching?  and  Lesson 2: Relationship: How Do I Build It and Why Is It Important?  November 16, 2021 - 4pm to 6 pm Lesson 3: Regulate: Emotiona

The Science of Teaching Reading: 12 Part Series with Carrie Cole

  September 9-December 1, 4:00-6:00 via ZOOM Register Here RUs available Credit Available when attending ALL 12 Sessions. Make Up sessions available through Region I Training Description Being a teacher of literacy—whether teaching beginning reading skills or the advanced skills of using reading to enhance learning of content—is complex andrequires considerable knowledge and skill. This comprehensive, 12-part training spanning the 2021-2022 school year will empower teachers to understand thewhat, why, and how of evidence-based reading instruction in foundational reading skills so that they can better meet the varied needs of the students they serve.Training will be delivered in small, two-hour segments approximately twice/month, allowing educators time to process the information and implement practicesinto their own classrooms. Participants will learn the basics of reading at any age and how to strengthen instruction in reading foundations through structuredand fast-paced routines that

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) (Face-to-Face)

Register Here. Location: Montana State University Billings  Program: Comprehensive System of Personnel Development Audience: School Counselors, Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers, School Administrators Dates: 10/13/2021 to 10/14/2021 Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a two-day workshop featuring powerful audiovisuals, discussions, and simulations. At this workshop participants will learn to prevent suicide by recognizing signs, providing a skilled intervention, and developing a safety plan to keep someone alive. ASIST is a proven evidence-based program reviewed by over 30 peer reviews and government reports. The workshop will be lead by two knowledgeable, supportive trainers who will guide the participants through the course. IMPORTANT: This workshop will be face-to-face with strict safety measures in place. At this time all participants will be required to wear face masks and practice social distancing. WORKSHOP WILL BE LIMITED TO 30 PARTICIPANTS.

Social Emotional Learning: Parts A & B (ONLINE WORKSHOP)

Register Here. This two-part workshop will include sessions for teachers and school leaders that will include "Celebrate the Cerebrum" (October 11) an overview of the integration of cognitive science on the "teaching and learning process, and "Sending Out an SOS for SEL", a session (October 12) designed to bring social emotional learning into the daily procedures of lesson planning. This session will also feature the LEAP model for overcoming poverty/achievement gaps. Resources for participants include: "Rich Brain/Poor Brain" and "Brain Tips". This workshop is in two parts and participants will be registered for both dates. Resources will be mailed to the participants following the workshop. The workshop will be presented virtually. Log-in information will be provided prior to the workshop. Presenter: Dr. Linda Karges-Bone is the author of 34 books. She holds a doctorate in education from the University of South Carolina in Curriculum and I

Movin' On: Transitioning from High School for Students with Disabilities (ONLINE WORKSHOP)

Register Here . Program: Comprehensive System of Personnel DevelopmentAudience: Administrators, Special Education teachers, CounselorsDates: 10/5/2021 Transitioning from high school to college or the workforce is an anxiety inducing time in the life of any student. It is especially true for those students with disabilities. This workshop focuses on exploring this transition. Understanding the concept behind Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) lays the foundation for a successful transition. Join us as we explore Pre-ETS and an alternative program, Movin' On, which is designed to assist schools towards this goal. Learn more about this experiential program for students with disabilities wanting to explore post-secondary educational opportunities. This workshop will be presented virtually. All log-in information will be provided prior to the workshop. Presenter: John Keener is a Program Coordinator at the Montana Center for Inclusive Education (MCIE) at Montana State Universi

Why Create Digital Age Learners? (ONLINE WORKSHOP)

Register here. Did you know our state adopted new standards for technology integration? We did, and luckily the standards are familiar because they follow the ISTE standards for students. Explore the why for integrating technology integration standards while participating in Jamboard and gamification with Gimkit. At the end of the session, you should be able to find the standards, understand the why behind the implementation of the standards, and have a familiarity with Jamboard. This workshop will be presented virtually. All log-in information will be provided prior to the workshop. Intended for all K-12 teachers. Please come prepared with a personal Google account to access our Classroom. About the presenter: Shelly Stanton is in her 10th year as a technology integration specialist in Montana, prior she taught for 12 years. She's a National Board Certified Teacher, Google Certified Innovator, Authorized Google Trainer, facilitator, PBS Digital Innovator Lead and All-Star